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Updated February 2014

I have always loved to read, and writing just seemed to follow. I didn't have much opportunity when I was younger, nor did I have the moral support I do now. It's amazing what a life change will do.

I didn't start writing anything I would let others read until January 2010, and even then I was a little apprehensive about it all. As I tested the waters, I received positive feedback from total strangers. That was when I realized I may be able to make this all work. With that in mind, I ventured further than online articles and started experimenting with both nonfiction and then fiction (2012). 

As with any new venture, there is always a learning curve. I spent a lot of time researching, submitting articles and looking for a publisher. When I was almost taken advantage of by a vanity press, I decided it was time to learn more about self-publishing. I happened to come across ParaPublishing and I haven't looked back. Dan Poynter (founder of ParaPublishing) was a great inspiration and he deserves so much credit for my accomplishments. I have never met the man, but his experience and knowledge has helped me in so many ways.

I have recently added some new titles to my portfolio: The Uncovered Dream (second in the Hidden Estate series), How to Sell Digital Products Using Sellfy and "Your First eBook" Course Second Edition (this is an updated version from the first edition, which I wrote in October 2011). All three of these titles have been added this year (but not necessarily all written in January) and are available on Amazon, Kobo and Sellfy. 

In addition to being a writer, I am also a hobby farmer. Our little farm includes cats, dogs and alpacas. We downsized a bit since our move in October 2013; we previously also had horses and a pot-bellied pig.  My personal favorites are the alpacas (7) as they each have their own personality and have the potential for being a good source of income. I am gradually increasing my knowledge in the processing of their fiber, and am working on a new book entitled Alpaca to Afghan, which will be available (tentatively) in October 2014.

My knowledge of animals, gardening and crafts has been the foundation of many of my articles and is working its way into my books and novels. I am very excited for the upcoming year as I plan on scheduling at least two book signing events. Updates will be posted on my blog as I make the necessary arrangements.

I also offer proofreading and editorial services in addition to website reviews and article writing. For more information please visit my Services page. If you have any questions regarding my rates, services or would like to learn more about me please contact me

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