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Coaching Program for Nonfiction 

Writing is what I do for living.

I was once in the same position you are:

  • confused
  • overwhelmed with all the information available
  • not sure who to listen to
  • stressed out because I had so many ideas, but not sure where to start
  • afraid of rejection
  • lack of support from family
The above are all reasons I put off writing for many years. After a major life change, I decided to take a risk and start putting my words on paper. It was the best thing I did!

I am now very confident in my writing skills, and I can honestly say I learned many things the hard way. Sure, I made some mistakes along the way - but without those mistakes I would not be where I am today. There is always a learning curve in everything new we do, but why make it more difficult than it really is?

With my Coaching Program you will be well on your way to writing and publishing your work quickly, while still retaining all rights and control.

You will learn:
  • how to determine your niche
  • how to write clearly without all the hype
  • where to submit your work to get started
  • how to price your work
  • how to market your work
  • how to increase your online exposure
  • how to create files for easy self-publishing
  • where to submit files for maximum exposure
  • ...and much more
My Goal as Your Coach:

I do not want to drag you through hours of boring material, conversations or writing assignments. I am a simple, to the point person who likes to get things done ASAP. It was my impatience with the whole "traditional publishing" process that prompted me to find out all I could about self-publishing. Once I started, I never looked back.

My aim is to:
  • show you it is not necessary to be an English major to write a book
  • help you through the process of writing a marketable book
  • work with you from start to finish
  • help you with more than the writing - this includes promotion, editing. formatting and self-publishing
  • teach you the fundamentals of pricing for maximum profit
  • offer ongoing support even after your book hits the shelves
How much will it cost?

Price is something that influences just where a new writer will turn for help. Granted there are many sources available online with tidbits of free information, but I have realized it is best to have the information readily available in one place. This makes it easier for new writers to get their words on paper and into the eyes of readers, instead of spending unnecessary time searching for those tidbits. I have walked in the shoes of many who had no one to guide them; I want to change that for you.

Let me help you avoid the countless hours spent searching so you can spend more time writing and be on your way to earning a passive income sooner. The regular cost of this program is $149, so secure your spot today at the introductory price of $79

What Will you Get For Your Money?

  • a step-by-step course which will take you from blank page to finished book
  • one-on-one email support
  • promotion on my website, blogs and groups
  • discounted rates for editing and proofing your work
  • assistance in setting up your own author website
  • my personal guarantee you will earn an income if you follow the steps in the program
  • ...plus much more
Secure your spot today, and start learning to earn tomorrow! Your first lesson will be emailed to you within 24 hours.

Secure your spot in the coaching program today and receive, at no additional cost, a copy of my eBook - Success...It Starts With You! 

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 Please Note: 

The Coaching Program differs from the Coaching Services (available on Services page). 

The Coaching Program is an extensive program designed to help the most novice writer achieve their dreams, while the Coaching Services are available at a per usage basis. For maximum benefit, I do recommend securing a spot in the Coaching Program.

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