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 It has taken awhile, but I have found a way to deliver PDF eBooks and reports immediately to my readers. This option is in addition to the growing number of my works being available on Amazon and Kobo.

This page is filled with my books, reports and patterns. Please note updates will be made regularly as new products become available. Payment is accepted through PayPal, which is 100% safe and secure.

Many of these titles are available as affiliate products via Sellfy. If you would like to help me distribute my books and patterns as well as earn a bit of WAM (explained in the book below), please contact me or follow this link

 Authors worldwide have heard of (and most likely utilized) services such as Kindle, Kobo, Smashwords and iBook. The majority of books published today are published in digital form; whether it be via a publishing house or self-publishing.

With that being said, did you know that Sellfy is a platform used for more than just e-books? Any digital file (within the capacity parameters) may be uploaded and sold on Sellfy: all you need to do is sign up and you're on your way. The digital files are not limited to e-books: audio, video, website templates and games may all be uploaded and sold.

"How To Sell Digital Products Using Sellfy" was written to not only help authors and other digital medium creators, but to let the world know about the platform. It was written after a search revealed there weren't any books on the subject. If books can be written about Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and the like, then why not Sellfy?

If you have digital content you have created (or have the right to sell), then give Sellfy a try. Your first sale will cover what you paid for this book; the rest is pure profit.

All books and patterns on this page are available through Sellfy. 

 Sam is heir to an estate she didn't know existed. As she explores the property she discovers hidden treasure, family secrets and one of the most beautiful conservatories she has ever seen, which has some secrets of its own.


Do you want to write an eBook, but aren't quite sure where to start? This updated version will take you through the processes of writing, pricing, publishing and marketing. 

Do you have a child about to lose a tooth? Crochet this simple pouch in their favorite color so they are ready for the Tooth Fairy! buy
A quick pattern to crochet to keep your hands warm, but your fingers free. Great for texting, typing or crocheting. Crochet this set of Fingerless Gloves in an afternoon! buy
Crochet this headband in an afternoon to keep your ears warm during your morning jog! This product is being updated.
Have you ever wanted to open a Handmade Craft Store but do not have the time or means to make the crafts yourself? Order this report today to see how easy it is to profit by helping others. This product is being updated.
In addition to my eBooks and reports, I have photos available for purchase. Newly submitted photos are under review; the counter below will reflect the number available, so please check back often. Thank you!

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Writeful Advice is written for those who do not want to read through a lot of fluff to get to the information they need. Learn how to write articles and where you can market your talents. Plus, there is a section on taking it further by writing books. This product is being updated to a new platform to make it available for immediate download.
In addition to my digital products, I have also added some fun things available from my CafePress Shop. I had fun coming up with the different designs for the merchandise; it was so easy with their selection of graphics and fonts.
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7 Quick Household Tips.pdf 7 Quick Household Tips.pdf
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 This eBook is the first in The Homemaker Helper Series, and includes patterns for quilts, crocheted items, fabric crafts, seasonal crafts, kid's crafts and more. It also includes some home-based business ideas based on crafts.

 A collection of 17 crochet patterns, ranging from apparel to household items. There is something for everyone within the pages. Winter apparel, shawls and even a toy for your favourite feline will keep you busy for weeks to come.

Note that items made from the patterns may be given away/sold, but the patterns themselves may not. If you know someone who would like a copy of these patterns, please support my hard work and send them my way. If selling the items, simply give credit where credit is due. 

Each pattern is separately available for $2.99, but by buying this collection they are less than 60 cents each. Get your collection today and start crocheting today.